Tyre Size

On inspection of your tyre you will find the manufacturer’s name and the name of the tyre (i.e. Bridgestone Ecopia), there will be a set of numbers and letters that refer to the size of the tyre.

Here’s what those numbers mean:

205 – is the width of the tyre in millimetres.
65 – is the aspect ratio or tyre profile.
R – means it is radial construction.
15 – is the diameter of the wheel rim in inches.
95 – Maximum load capacity of the tyre.
H – Maximum speed capacity of the tyre.

If you are not sure about how to read your tyres simply give your local depot a call. We are always happy to offer advice. Or drop us an email. Alternatively, if you know your registration or tyre size, enter your details below to choose your tyres and book a fitting.

Please check you are selecting the correct tyre size for your car.