HankookLOGOWe are excited to announce our new partnership with Hankook.  Here at Mid Devon Tyres we are constantly striving to improve the services that we provide for our customers. This includes making sure that we are getting the best tyre for your money.

Hankook have been manufacturing tyres for 70 years and are now the seventh largest tyre manufacturer of tyres thanks to the commissioning of two new European factories in Germany and Hungary. As well as new factories Hankook has heavily invested in the development of its range.


k425Kinergy Eco K425

The K425 is a comfortable family car tyre.

It has a rubber compound developed to ensure efficient fuel economy, at the same time they have refined the rubber to gap ratio to provide low road noise. In recent road tests, in various sizes, this tyre has been exceeding expectations k115across the board scoring in many cases beating the likes of Michelin, Goodyear, Continental and Bridgestone.

Ventus Prime K115

The K115 is the bigger version of the K425 available from 15″ to 19″ and also as a runflat and in higher speed ratings.


k117Ventus S1 evo² K117

This tyre is proving massively popular among car manufacturers and is being OE fitment on a wide range of cars including BMW series 1, 2, 3, 5 and X5, Audi TT3, many different VW models, Mercedes C and E Class, Mini, Toyota, Honda, Kia Porsche and many others. The K117 with its asymmetric pattern, strong central ribs and precise rubber to gap ratio makes this tyre excellent at handling large heavy high performance vehicles in both wet and dry conditions, this tyre is designed to take what is thrown at them whilst providing comfort and reduced noise at the same time.k120

 Ventus V12 evo² K120

Finally the K120 is Hankooks high performance directional tyre, with its solid centre rib and purpose designed structure including a sophisticated side wall design this tyre is manufactured to go fast and corner hard whilst still delivering maximum performance. This tyre is for people who like to drive and have performance vehicles.

Here are a few links to reviews carried out by independent testers on various sizes in the last two years, if you are still not convinced that this is the tyre for you please have a look for yourselves.